For over six years we have been producing corporate videos, TV commercials, and graphics/illustrations for clients from all around the globe. Now we’re ready to make our own art.


Our objective is simple: we want to leave a positive impact on the world by producing content that will not only be admired for its aesthetic value, but also for how it stimulates the brain as well as the soul; pushing us to think further and better the overall quality of our lives.


We can’t change the world, but we believe that small contributions can make a difference.


…. We make art that is meaningful, honest, raw, and real. We write about ideas and teachings, as well as our own experiences and our production process.




Although most of our video content and articles are art-related, we also do cover a variety of different topics such as culture, sociology, and self-improvement.

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Kuala Lumpur Film & Art


Kuala Lumpur Film & Art Community

We aim to help the community, especially art students, in reaching their goals by learning from our trials. We organize meetups regularly in Malaysia under the Kuala Lumpur Film & Art Community, where we discuss some of the problems that artists face and how to solve them – for those who prefer reading, we write about these topics in depth on our blog as well.


If you’re in town, drop by one of our meetups! If you can’t make it, you could always send us your artwork via Facebook or Instagram or use the hashtag #klfilmart to get your art featured.


…. To further help the art and computer graphics community, we post some of our project walkthroughs, where you could see our process and monitor our progress.

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Our Team

The People

Khalid Al-Aydeross

Khalid Al-Aydeross
Founder & Director

I’m an aspiring filmmaker and illustrator, though I’ve found writing to be very calming. Most of my work is influenced by music one way or another. I appreciate classic/vintage illustrations, enjoy hiking, discovering and traveling.
I don’t believe in black and white; I believe with certainty that some things need further exploration. I sometimes write about this.
Ask me about: animation & video production, illustration, web-development.

Kinna Abdulaziz

Kinna Abdulaziz
Co-Founder, Sales & Accounts Director

Kinna, co-founder of Alleviated Media, founder of Petalkins, former Sales and Marketing Manager at one of the world’s leading stock photo agency. Loves flowers, air planes, diving, and a jolly good nap time.
Ask me about:

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What Is

Alleviated Media


verb al·le·vi·ate \ə-ˈlē-vē-ˌāt\
: to reduce the pain or trouble of (something) : to make (something) less painful, difficult, or severe

At Alleviated Media, we believe that art relieves, that it creates bridges that ease communication and promote tolerance; art evokes emotions and ideas. Our vision of “alleviating the media” [that we produce] has never been an inaccurate description of what our vision is.

Alleviated Media